17102 Hwy 59 N. #C,

Humble, TX 77396

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We can machine custom length driveline to your specification. The axle bars that we fabricate are machined from 1 solid piece of material so you get added durability and stability. They are also splined to your specification.

Turner Eagle Level 1

Perfect for all around applications in stock form. They are 28% stronger than any HD Axle on the market. They come with a 1 year warranty against breakage. Superior quality at an affordable price.

Turner Eagle Level 2

Designed for larger lifts and more horsepower. 20% more wear property for longer life at higher angles. They have stronger internals than our level 1 series. 1 year warranty against breakage.

For any of your custom driveline needs, give us a call!


Turner Evo

Designed for hard core mud riders and high horsepower applications. Strongest axle on the market. Not recommended for trail riding. 2 year warranty against breakage.

Not one axle fits all applications.


Turner Eagle Level 2 Race Series

Designed to reduce heat range for long distance and long travel. 1 year warranty against breakage.