Our Policy

Superior Axle to Boost the Performance of Your UTV or ATV 

Turner Cycles can provide your vehicle with a custom-made axle for greater durability. Our team ensures that we convey the proper WARRANTY policy before we provide you an axle. Contact us today to help you with the terms and conditions in axle warranty policy and more.

Turner Cycles Policy

  • Turner Cycles will only warranty axles that are broken
  • Turner Cycles will not warranty burnt axles, customer is responsible for properly breaking in axles
  • Turner Cycles will not warranty bent axle bars or twisted splines, only broken axle bars
  • Turner Cycles will not warranty worn axles
  • Turner Cycles will not warranty torn boots; all boots will be replaced when sending in for warranty at a charge of $10 per boot while under warranty. Once warranty is over price will return to $20 per boot
  • You must ship the complete axle to Turner Cycles for warranty review
  • Eagle/Velocity/Nitro axles come for a are one-year warranty
  • Warranty is only valid with original purchaser with original receipt within warranty time
  • All returns / refunds must have original receipt and must not be over 30 days from receipt date, except specialty items
  • Turner Cycles will not issue refunds on special orders or specialty ordered items / product
  • No returns on custom length axles over 4”
  • Axle length measurements must be given to Turner Cycles for any lengths over stock
  • Turner Cycles does not accept responsibility for damage to your bike, bike parts, or bodily injury while utilizing its products
  • Turner Cycles will not be responsible for faulty installation or misuse with its products
  • Purchaser is responsible for installing product properly, securely, and safely
  • When returning items, make sure you include your name, phone number, product you are returning and the number of items / pieces you are returning 
  • All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee